Crane Services


3 Forks Services offers specialized crane services tailored to the oil and gas, construction, and heavy industry sectors. We understand the critical importance of reliability and precision in heavy lifting operations. Our fleet includes state-of-the-art cranes capable of handling a wide range of loads, from simple equipment installations to complex, heavy-lift projects in challenging environments. Whether you’re operating in the heart of the Bakken Region or in remote, hard-to-reach locations across the United States and Canada, our cranes and experienced operators are equipped to meet your needs.

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Tailored Crane Services

From planning to execution, 3 Forks provides comprehensive lifting solutions for:

  • Oilfield Construction and Maintenance
  • Infrastructure and Civil Works
  • Heavy Equipment and Machinery Installation
  • Wind Farm and Renewable Energy Projects

Our team works closely with clients to customize lifting plans that ensure safety, efficiency, and compliance with all regulatory standards. With a focus on minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity, we’re here to support your project’s success.


    • Precise Lifting and Positioning
    • Rigging and Material Handling
    • Specialized Transportation Support
    • Emergency and Scheduled Lift Services

    3 Forks stands out in the Bakken and beyond for our commitment to safety, experience, and innovation in every lift.

    Our goal is to reduce the risk of project delays and ensure the safety of all personnel and equipment on-site.

    Rig Maintenance